Our 30+ years experience in the road work and construction field lead us design a range of solutions for worksites protection.

Driven by quality and innovation, our team is constantly striving to enhance or develop new functionality for the convenience of the end-users.

Ground Protection Mats

Equinox Construction offers two models of road mats : the XL protection mat and the Compact protection mat. Their characteristics are identical. The Compact mat is convenient to be handled by one person.

Ground protection mats help maintaining a safe and neat working environment.

Fence Stand

Made of recycled compounds, our heavy duty fence stands are engineered to enhance safety of worksites and special events zones. Designed to prevent tripping hazard, easy to handle, reusable and very durable, they make your temporary fencing system more stable and visible to better secure job sites and work perimeters. 

The HiVis end, available in multiple colors, increases visibility.